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Managing Subscriptions

A subscription key is a 14-character alphanumeric string; for example, PQREWD6ADWERAS. Subscription keys allow your devices to be managed by Central. To use Central for managing and monitoring your devices, you must ensure that you have a valid subscription key.

Managing Subscription Keys

Supported Subscription Types

Central supports the following types of subscriptions:

Device subscription—Allows you to manage and monitor your devices from Central. The device subscriptions can be assigned only to the devices managed by Central.

Service subscription—Allows you to enable value added services on the Instant APs managed from Central. For example, if you have Instant APs with or later, you can assign a service subscription for Presence Analytics.

Gateway subscription—Allows you to manage and monitor SD-WANSoftware-Defined Wide Area Network. SD-WAN applies SDN technology to WAN connections that connect enterprise networks distributed across different locations. Gateways from Central.

The following figure illustrates the supported subscription types and the assignment criteria:

Assigning Subscriptions

Read through the following sections to understand the subscription assignment procedures:

Removing Subscriptions from Devices

To remove the subscriptions from the devices, complete the following actions: