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Getting Started with SD-WAN Deployment

Before getting started with your SD-WANSoftware-Defined Wide Area Network. SD-WAN is an application for applying SDN technology to WAN connections that connect enterprise networks across disparate geographical locations. deployment, browse through the solution overview and supported devices.

Click the links below to navigate to the help pages that describe procedures for creating an Aruba Central account, onboarding your devices, organizing your devices, configuring, managing, and monitoring your networks.

Step 1: Log in to Aruba Central

Step 2: Onboard Aruba Gateways to Aruba Central

Step 3: Organize Your SD-WANWide Area Network. WAN is a telecommunications network or computer network that extends over a large geographical distance. Setup

Step 4: Assign Gateways to Groups

Step 5: Connect Aruba Gateways to Aruba Central

Step 6: Configure Gateways for SD-WAN Deployment

Step 7: View Logs, Alerts, and Audit

Step 8: Monitor Gateways, Clients, and Network Health