Aruba Central Online Help

Users and Roles

Aruba Central users are broadly categorized as follows:

  • Network Administrators—Network administrators manage, configure, and monitor devices in their respective network or organization using the Aruba Central Standard Enterprise interface.
  • Service Provider Administrators—Service Provider administrators are referred to as the MSP administrators who create, manage, and monitor accounts for multiple organizations (tenants). For MSP accounts, the Network Operations app provides a separate interface called the MSP View, using which MSP administrators can provision and manage their respective tenant accounts. Tenant account users' access is limited to their respective account or network setup. For more information on creating tenant accounts, see MSP Dashboard.

Within each Aruba Central account, the admin users of the respective accounts can configure and manage the following types of users:

The following table lists the tasks that you can perform from the Users and Roles page:

Table 1: Users and Roles—Tasks

Task For more information...

Create, modify, or delete users

Configuring System Users

Create, modify, or delete user roles

Configuring User Roles

Resend email invitation to users

Resend Email Invite

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication

Enable support access to debug issues

Support Access